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MICRO-TOUCH® NITRA-TEX™ 447 Examination Glove
MICRO-TOUCH® DermaClean® 457 Glove
Heidolph Hei-Torque Core Overhead Stirrer - 20% off
HEID501-60410-00 -
  Made in Germany with 3-year
  warranty. Compact design. Allows
  for integration in closed systems. For
  low to medium viscosity media up to
  25L. Greater reliability and improved
Pall MicroCheck® II Beverage Monitor
PALL4761 -
  Microcheck 100mL 0.45um GN6
  Metricel Membrane Gridded

Easy-to-use disposable filter funnels for finished product and raw material testing for microbial contamination.

All your western blotting consumables at great prices
GEHE10600001 -
  Membrane Protran 0.2µm NC
GEHE10600004 -
  Membrane Premium 0.2µm NC
GEHE10600021 -
  Membrane Hybond 0.2µm PVDF