Current Specials

Grant - Compact Affordable Vortex Mixing
  Vortex Mixer for Tubes to 20mm
  Incl 20mm Ø polystyrene mixing cup

Exceptionally compact with a low profile and small footprint - fits into almost any location

Kimble Soda-Lime Pasteur Pipettes
KIML63A54 -
  Unplug Glass 146mm
KIML63A54P -
  Plug Glass 146mm
KIML63B93P -
  Plug Glass 228mm
Corning® Matrigel® matrix for 2D and 3D cell culture
BDAA354141 -
  Angiogenesis System for Endothelial
  Cell Invasion, 24 Multiwell Insert
BDAA354149 -
  Angiogenesis System for Endothelial
  Cell Tube Formation, 96 Well Black
  Clear Bottom Microplate
VWR TITRINORM pH Buffers Stock up and save!
VWRC32046.265 -
  pH 9 Blue AVS TITRINORM, 500ml
VWRC32045.262 -
  pH 7 Green AVS TITRINORM, 500ml
VWRC32095.264 -
  pH 4 Red AVS TITRINORM, 500ml