Current Specials

Hei-VAP Evaporator Precision ML G3B
HEID564-01310-00 -
  Intelligent evaporation - the average
  operational lifespan of 10-years is
  backed by a 3-year warranty and
  makes your purchase a worthwhile
  Be quick as this price won’t last!
Corning® Stripettor™ Ultra Pipette Controller
CORN4099 -
  Redesigned with more features,
  greater reliability, and improved

plus 1 x free 10ml Stripette Serological pipettes per order!

Scilabware Azlon® Safety Labelled Wash Bottles
  500ml Acetone, Red, 5 items
  500ml Methanol, Green, 5 items
  500ml Isopropanol, Blue, 5 items
GE Healthcare Western Blotting - Membranes
GEHE10600001 -
  Protran 0.2µm NC 300mmx4m
GEHE10600004 -
  Premium 0.2µm NC 300mmx4m
GEHE10600021 -
  Hybond 0.2µm PVDF 260mmx4m