Current Specials

Great Value Climate Control Chamber, 294 L from PHCbi
  Save $4,000! Create the optimum
  environment by controlling humidity,
  temperature, and lighting, that is
  programmable, repeatable and
  precise. Applications from plant
  growth studies to insect rearing.
NEW Microbiology Vacuum Manifold from Pall
PALL4889 -
  With FREE pack of Microfunnel filter
  Allows users to optimize testing
  without sacrificing cleanliness. With
  interchangeable components and
  coupling devices.
Sherwood Scientific Flame Photometer
SHEW47541201 -
  Great value - M410 Industrial Flame
  Photometer with FREE Air
  Compressor M851 & Silencer. Flame
  photometer with front loading,
  unobstructed sample work area, and
  removable tray for easy cleaning.
NEW Range of UVP Penray Lamps from Analytik Jena
UVPI90-0012-01 -
  Model 11SC-1 254nm
UVPI90-0019-01 -
  Model 11SC-1L 365nm
UVPI90-0020-01 -
  Model 11SC-2 365nm