Current Specials

Heidolph Hei-Torque Core Overhead Stirrer
HEID501-60410-00 -
  Compact design for integration in
  closed systems such as fume
  hoods. Suitable for low-to medium
  viscosity media up to 25L
  greater reliability, and improved
Scilabware QWS4 Quickfit® Water Still
  Easy to use and easy to install. The
  new improved QWS4 combines
  performance and reliability with
  exceptional value for money.
  With new operational and safety
Ansell Chemical Protection Gloves
ANSE92-600-M -
  Nitrile TouchNTuff, Medium
  For chemical splash protection.
ANSE93-260/6.5-7 -
  Microflex Nitrile/Neoprene, Medium
  Tough chemical protection,
  unparalleled comfort.
Corning Falcon® Multi-Flask, Rectangular Straight Neck
BDAA353143 -
  525cm², 3-Layer with Vented Cap
BDAA353144 -
  875cm², 5-Layer with Vented Cap

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