Current Specials

Cytiva Whatman™ Uniflo™ Syringe Filters on Sale
WHAT9909-2504 -
  25mm 0 45 PVDF 500/PK
WHAT9910-2504 -
  25mm 0 45 Nylon 500/PK
WHAT9909-2504 -
  25mm 0 45 PES 500/PK
Introducing PALL Centrifugal Devices
PALLOD003C33 -
  Centrifuge Filter Nanosep 3k
PALLOD010C33 -
  Centrifuge Filter Nanosep 10k
PALLOD030C33 -
  Centrifuge Filter Nanosep 30k
DWK Pyrex® Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes
BIBB1620/12M -
  Medium Wall with Rim
  22ml | 150x16mm
BIBB1622/12M -
  Medium Wall Rimless
  22ml | 150x16mm
Askion ColdEye+ Scanner -
for all applications
The ColdEye+ Scanner -
 The ColdEye+ is the first and only
  portable scanner worldwide that
  enables safe and reliable sample
  identification at warm and cryogenic