Current Specials

Work Smarter with PHCbi MCO CO2 Incubators
  165L, Base Unit
  165L, with UV Decontamination
  165L, with UV and H2O2
Hamilton Neuros Syringes: Maximum Control, Minimum Damage
HAMC65457-01 -
  0.5µl, Neuros 7000.5, Point Style 3
HAMC65458-01 -
  1.0µl, Neuros 7001, Point Style 3
HAMC65459-01 -
  2.0µl, Neuros 7002, Point Style 3
Ansell Microflex® 93-843 Advanced Barrier Protection Gloves
ANSE93-843/6.5-7 -
  Durable Nitrile Glove, Small
ANSE93-843/7.5-8 -
  Durable Nitrile Glove, Medium
ANSE93-843/8.5-9 -
  Durable Nitrile Glove, Large
Great Savings – Stock up on VWR Chemicals now!
VWRC20821.467 -
  Ethanol Absolute ANALAR [25L]
  Limited stock!
VWRC83640.320 -
  Acetonitrile for UPLC/UHPLC [2.5L]
VWRC20864.320 -
  Methanol HPLC Gradient [2.5L]