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DWK Wash Bottles, LDPE, with vapour venting option
  250ml, Acetone, Red
  250ml, Methanol, Green
  250ml, Isopropanol, Blue
DWK Quality Duran Beakers, Borosilicate glass 3.3
SCOT211062402 -
  100ml, 50dx70h, Low Form, Spout
SCOT211065305 -
  800ml, 100dx135h, Low Form, Spout
SCOT211067306 -
  5L, 170dx270h, Low Form, Spout
Grenova & COVID-19 - Rethinking Lab Consumables
  Reduce your pipette tip biohazard
  waste and cut costs up to 90% !
  Now is the time to wash and reuse
  plastic pipette tips to keep your lab
  running when it's needed most.
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