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Autoclaves from Priorclave - Free printer Special
  Purchase a Priorclave autoclave and
  receive a FREE Priorclave thermal
  printer valued at over $2,000.

  Autoclaves are compliant to
  AS/NZS standards
Details on the Special Offer
Cytiva illustra Extraction -
10 % off kits
GEHE25-0500-71 - 50 items
  RNAspin Mini Kit
GEHE28-9042-64 - 50 items
  Tapered Moulded Graduations
GEHE28-9034-70 - 100 purif
  FX PCR DNA and Gel Band
  Purification Kit
ILC Dover PowderFlo-CB™ sample bags
  Working with active pharmaceutical

  NEW - ILC Dover PowderFlo-CB™
  bags, a low-cost alternative to
  Charge Bags. Safeguarding people,
  product, and infrastructure!
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