Current Specials

MIELE PG8583 Lab Washer - ask for Package
MIEL628583046 - Package 1
  G8583 Washer, includes upper and
  lower baskets and inserts/modules
  for washing wide neck and narrow
  neck glassware, 2 Injector Modules
  and Waterproofing Kit
CYTIVA - Whatman Range
Diagnostic Gr Filter Papers
WHAT1003-185 -
  Filter Paper, Grade 3, 185mm
WHAT1820-047 -
  Filter GF/A 47mm
WHAT2105-841 -
  Tissue Lens, 100x150mm
HEIDOLPH Vortex Mixers -
Average 10-Year Lifespan!
HEID541-10000-00 -
  Reax Top - The standard model for
  fast and dependable mixing results
HEID545-10000-00 -
  Multi Reax - The all-purpose model
  Unique shaker to accommodate up
  to 26 vessels with various diameters
Consumables for ELGA Water Treatment Systems
  Pre-treatment cartridge for Option
  and Prima models
  Pre-treatment pack for PURELAB®
  Chorus 2 and PURELAB® Chorus 3
  water purification systems